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Alaska Fishing Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about fishing in Alaska

Where should I stay when fishing in Alaska?
•When fishing with Fisherman’s Choice Charters, if you choose to stay in Anchorage, Alaska, we suggesting getting accommodations in Anchorage and staying at Hotel Capt. Cook or at The Lakefront Anchorage. If you choose to stay in Wasilla, Alaska, we suggest getting accommodations at Lake Lucille Inn Wasilla,
Grand View Inn and Suites Wasilla and Trout House-Windbreak Cafe Wasilla.
How much do Alaska Fishing Licenses cost?
•It depends on how many days you want to fish.
•There are 1 day Alaska fishing licenses to annual Alaska fishing licenses for both resident and non-resident.
Non-Resident 16 Years and Older
• Nonresident 1 Day Sport Fishing License $25.00 – Nonresident 1 Day King Salmon Stamp $15.00
•Nonresident 3 Day Sport Fishing License $45.00 – Nonresident 3 Day King Salmon Stamp $30.00
•Nonresident 7 Day Sport Fishing License $70.00 – Nonresident 7 Day King Salmon Stamp $45.00
• Nonresident 14 Day Sport Fishing License $105.00 – Nonresident 14 Day King Salmon Stamp $75.00
•Nonresident Annual Sport Fishing License $145.00 – Nonresident Annual King Salmon Stamp $100.00
Resident 18 years and older
• Resident Annual Sport Fishing License $29.00 – Resident Annual King Salmon Stamp $10.00
•Resident Duplicate License $5.00 – Resident Duplicate King Salmon Stamp $5.00
How do I get an Alaska Fishing License?

•Alaska Fishing Licenses can be purchased online through the ADFG Website and can also be
purchased at most Grocery Stores, Walmart Stores and Sporting Goods Stores.
What seasons are there for Alaska Salmon Fishing?
•The rivers we fish, in the Mat-Su Valley, The Alaska King Salmon start to show up in the Alaska rivers first (mid-May).
Following the Alaska King Salmon, will be the Alaska Silver Salmon (Coho) (beginning of July),
Alaska Sockeye Salmon( mid-July), Alaska Chum Salmon and Alaska Pink Salmon(mid-July).
The Alaska Silver Salmon season lasts the longest when it comes to Alaska Salmon seasons (thru mid-Sept).
How many Alaska Salmon am I allowed to catch and keep?

•Each Alaska water system has its own regulations. In the Mat-Su Valley, where we fish for Alaska salmon,
depending on which river we are on, you can take 1 Alaska King Salmon per day.
No more than 5, annually. You are allowed either 2 or 3 Alaska Silver Salmon per day, no annual limit.
3 Alaska Sockeye Salmon, 3 Alaska Chum Salmon and 3 Alaska Pink Salmon.
However, you cannot take more than a total of 3 Alaska Salmon, in combination, per day.
Consult the Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulations more information
and be sure to check the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Emergency Orders as well.
What do I need to bring with me on my fishing trip in Alaska?

•On our fishing trips, you need to bring along with you your Alaska Fishing license, food and beverages.
Stay Hydrated. We also suggest bringing your camera. If fishing on your own, don’t forget the bug spray.
How should I dress for an Alaska Fishing Trip?
•Dress according to the Alaska Weather Forecast for the day of fishing.
Layers, definitely dress in Layers. Our Alaska mornings can be very cold, however, our afternoons can also be very warm.
Since our Alaska Midnight Sun is around almost 24 hours, we also suggest wearing sunscreen.
You will be glad you did after a day on the water.
What is included with an Alaska Fishing Charter?
•We include the following: All Alaska Fishing Equipment, rods, tackle and bait. We also include waders for fishing when fishing out of the boat in the Alaska rivers and rain gear. Bug Spray is a big thing in Alaska, and yes, we include that too. Also included on our Alaska Fishing Charters is the fish filleting. We will filet your fish and put them in plastic bags so you can take them to the Alaska Fishing Processor for processing. Each Alaska Fishing Charter company is different.
Not all Alaska Fishing Trips include the above.
Is there a guarantee that I will catch my limit of Alaska Fish?

•There are no guarantees that fish will be caught. As like most Alaska Fishing Charters, we give our best effort at getting you on fish. There are many factors that Alaska Fishing Guides deal with and have no control over.
However, they work hard for you and strive to help you get fish.
Do you give gratuities (tips) to the Alaska fishing guide?

In the United States, we are accustomed to tipping (gratuities).

A gratuity (also called a tip) is a sum of money customarily given by a client or customer to certain workers
for the service they have performed, going above and beyond for their clients,
in addition to the basic price of the service.

When you book with an independent guide service, you know that the owner is the one doing all the work.
He/She is also the one making the boat and insurance payments and filling it with gas and providing high-end gear and tackle.
If you pick the right guide and play your cards just right, you might also become a better angler
by listening to what the guide says about reading water, casting, mending line, and other skills.
A tip (gratuity) in this case shows the guide you appreciated the service and recognize his many years of experience.
It also shows you want him to be in business next year so you can book with him again.

Generally, as a starting point, consider tipping your guide 20% of the trip cost.
If the guide went above and beyond, it wouldn’t be unusual to increase your tip to 30% or even 50%.

It’s also important to remember, no matter how much you paid for your day on the water, there are many factors the guide can’t control. Bad weather, changes in water flow rates, temperature, rain, or the amount of fish coming in the river.
It’s not what you catch, it’s how hard the guide worked for you. He’ll bait your hook, adjust a reel’s drag,
net your fish, take your photograph & fillet your catch at the end of the trip.
Tip based on what the guide can control,
don’t withhold a tip because of things that are out of their hands

(like weather or not getting into the fish)..
Your guide’s job is to work hard for you and if he busted tail all day and
you still didn’t manage to catch the number of fish you expected or any at all,
that’s not your guide’s fault any more than it’s your server’s fault
if the food you ordered doesn’t taste good or is not cooked to your liking.

A tip (gratuity) is NOT required, although less than 10% can indicate dissatisfaction.
And it will leave the guide wondering what he did wrong to upset his clients.
If you would tip the guide if you caught fish and the guide worked hard for you, then you should tip if you didn’t catch fish.
The guide works even harder for you when the bite isn’t on to make sure you have the best chance at catching.
The guide, more than likely, will be more disappointed than you are at this point.
There are many factors the guide can’t control.

Can I continue to fish after I get my limit of Alaska Salmon?

•No, you cannot continue to fish after you catch your limit of Alaska Salmon. Furthermore, when keeping your limit of Alaska Salmon, you can no longer fish the rest of that day in ANY waters that carry the same species of Alaska Salmon that is part of your limit. Consult the Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulations for further information.

Can I do catch and release while on an Alaska Fishing Charter?
•Although some Alaska Fishing Companies do allow catch and release while fishing in Alaska, we discourage it on our Alaska Fishing Trips. There are only certain terms as to why we would allow catch and release…small Alaska Salmon,
not hooked correctly, Alaska species not targeted or not edible.
The mortality rate on our Alaska Salmon is high enough for us not to allow a regular practice of catch and release.
How do I get my fish home after fishing in Alaska?

•There are processors in most towns where Alaska fishing is available. The Alaska fish processors will filet, pack, freeze and ship your Alaska caught fish for you. Consult the Alaska Fish Processors for pricing.
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